ken hjulstrom marlborough

On June 5, Ken Hjulstrom, a member of the Board of Finance in Marlborough, Connecticut, responded to a Facebook post related to peaceful protesters.

Mr. Hjulstrom wrote, “Those who have snow plows for their trucks…..get them mounted!” 

Ken Hjulstrom, Board of Finance member in Marlborough, CT called for actions that could potentially kill U.S. citizens who were exercising their protected right to assemble. People who make calls for violence should not hold any public office. Violent speech can lead to violent actions.

Hundreds have called on Mr Hjulstrom to resign. Yet at a Board of Finance meeting on June 10th he did not offer a genuine apology and remains in his position.

Join others that have called for his resignation.


Perhaps Mr Hjulstrom comment was inspired by others who thought about plowing down protesters. And some of them did…

ken hjulstrom board of finance
marlborough CT

Politicians need to be held accountable for their actions. Ken Hjulstrom’s words do not represent the values of the town of Marlborough CT and therefore he must be removed from his position. If the taxes payers or powers that be don’t remove him from his position, then they are also part of the problem.

Hundreds agree, Do you??


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